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RichPayments.NET- Innovative Payment Web Services

The power unlocked by Web Services represents an evolution in the use of the Internet. Where browsing used to be the focal point, developers can now program the Web to create new business opportunities. As the integration of services occurs, the Web is rapidly become the essential fabric that ties together all computing devices.

A Web Service that just about every business needs is the ability to process payments. RichPayments.NET is that Web Service.

RichPayments.NET is build on new industry standards SOAP and XML. These standards provide the following benefits:

·RichPayments.NET utilizes HTTP as a transport allowing remote method requests to pass through enterprise firewalls.

·For security, RichPayments.NET uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, as well as standard authentication techniques.

·RichPayments.NET is not tied to a particular component technology or object calling convention. As a result, programs written in any language, using any component model, and running on any operating system, can access the RichPayment.NET Web Service.

What's  New

bulletJava client published - Oct 31, 2001
bulletWindows client and SDK published - Sept 01, 2001

Key Milestones

bulletAug 1 - Have prototype sketched out
bulletSept 7 - Have team assembled
bulletmore ...

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